Medimon is a monster-taming game where players catch, raise, and battle monsters that represent cells, organ systems, and diseases. Each Medimon contains mnemonics baked into its design to aid in understanding and learning important aspects of the medical item they represent. 
Players traverse the land of Medicorum, in search of Medimon and the missing medication their family needs to survive. But beware, the villainous Pill Snatcher stands against you, and always seems to be one step ahead...
Will you find the medication in time?
Medimon Types

Each Medimon embodies a unique combination of two distinct types: a primary (major) type and a secondary (minor) type. The major types are categorized into three groups: Healthy, Diseased, and Neoplasms. These represent Medimon that mirror either the normal state of cells and organs (Healthy) or their altered states as diseased or cancerous forms, closely linked to their Healthy counterparts. The minor type, on the other hand, specifies which of the nine body systems the Medimon is associated with, further defining its identity. Each combination of a major and minor type confers specific strengths and vulnerabilities, creating a dynamic interplay of advantages and disadvantages against other types.
Game Design
The Medimon team is led by Dr. Tyler Bland, a pharmacology professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine, Moscow, ID Site. He has an extensive background in neuroscience, cancer biology, pharmacology, and medical education.
Character Design
Rayce Bird is an award-winning artist and Clinical Associate Professor in the Virtual Technology and Design program at the University of Idaho. He brings his expertise in digital art and character design to the team.
Ciara Bordeaux is one of Medimon’s character artists. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Virtual Technology and Design from the University of Idaho with a lifelong interest in illustration, animation, and visual storytelling. Apart from creative pursuits, she also enjoys being outside and playing with her cat, Scuba.
Emma Ferguson is one of our character artists. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Virtual Technology & Design. She enjoys creating stories, playing games, and crocheting when she has spare time.
See Emma's other work here.
Josi Coad is one of our environment designers. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Virtual Technology & Design and has been creating art since childhood. Her favorite hobbies include illustration, trying out new cooking recipes, and hanging out with her cat Nacho.
Angelo Funaro is one of our environment designers. He is currently studying at the University of Idaho pursuing a Virtual Technology and Design degree. He enjoys 3D modeling and playing video games. In his free time, he reads, competes in gaming tournaments, and creates graphic art for clubs at both Washington State University and the University of Idaho.
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Bradley Bruce is our composer, audio producer, and resident musician. He is a medical student at the University of Washington School of Medicine and is interested in internal medicine and psychiatry. He enjoys jamming on his (bass) guitar and performing live gigs in between classes and studying.
Ezequiel Romero (game development/programmer)
Trevor McGeary (game development/programmer)
3-time art award winner (2022, 2023)
Boise State Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge,
Software Track Award winner (2021)
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