Healthy kidney
Podocytes are special cells with tiny finger-like extensions that wrap around blood vessels in the Kidneys. They help filter waste and excess water from the blood to create urine.
The Glomerulus is a tiny ball-shaped cluster of blood vessels in the Kidneys. It works with Podocytes to filter blood and create urine.
Kidneys are organs that help clean our blood by removing waste and extra water. They make urine, which carries these wastes out of our body.
Diseased kidney
Nephrotic Syndrome
Nephrotic Syndrome is a Kidney problem where too much protein leaks into the urine. This can cause swelling in the body, especially in the legs, feet, and face.
Diabetic Kidney Disease
Diabetic Kidney Disease affects the Glomerulus in people with Diabetes. High blood sugar levels damage the blood vessels, making it harder for the Kidneys to filter waste.
Nephritis is inflammation in the Kidneys, often caused by an immune response. It can lead to Kidney damage and sometimes Kidney failure if not treated.
kidney Treatment
Nephrotic Syndrome -> Podocyte
Prednisone treats Nephrotic Syndrome by reducing inflammation and the immune system's activity. This helps the Kidneys to work better and keep protein in the blood.
DKD -> Glomerulus
Canagliflozin treats Diabetic Kidney Disease by helping the Kidneys remove extra sugar from the blood through urine. This lowers blood sugar levels and protects the Glomerulus from damage.
Nephritis -> Kidney
Losartan treats Nephritis by relaxing blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. This reduces stress on the Kidneys and helps prevent further inflammation and damage.

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